Broken toe

Listen, if you will
To my tale of woe
And I'll you all
How I broke my toe

This happened on Wednesday. That morning my dog was limping because he had hurt his leg leaping off the sofa and landing a bit awkwardly.

He's a hefty little fellow but I was carrying him to his water bowl so he could keep his leg rested. I wasn't looking properly with him in my arms and then I felt it... and heard it.

I stubbed my toe on one of those metal door stoppers. The dog is doubly to blame for this accident becuase he has chewed off the rubber end bit that would have provided at least a little cusioning.

I'm always stubbing my toes and tripping up my own feet, but I could tell instantly this wasn't just a regular, run of the mill toe stubbing, though I didn't want to admit it.

For the dog's sake I kept my cool and continued to taxi him to his destination before letting out a string of expletives.

By the evening the pain hadn't subsided at all and the toe was still throbbing. But at this point I was still telling myself that it'd be alright by the morning. When I woke up yesterday the end of the toe was purple and still just as painful to move.

So I checked the NHS website and I'm finally convinced that I've broken it. But the advice is that you only need to go to A&E for the big toe or if it is sticking out at a weird angle. Fortunately this didn't apply to me, so the treatment is just applying ice and strapping up.

In the it's not that bad, should hopefully be healed within 4 to 6 weeks but this was my first ever break. Oh and ironically the dog is walking fine now and I'm the one that's limping!