This is so upsetting. Our neighbours call for help, war is on our doorstep, and all we offer is sanctions and more weapons. Is it really all we can be doing to stop this war? I'm not saying we should be the world police or anything, I am against war, it is abhorrent, but Ukraine is literally asking for support. If my country was being invaded and I was under attack I would feel let down by the current response of the so called great leaders and world powers.

I wouldn't normally post anything like this. Global geopolitics is far too complicated for me, I try to remain critical but I feel it is an impossible task to know the truth about everything. I feel so distressed right now so what I will say is this. Putin is a maniac, he and his supporters need to be stopped. It is wrong to invade another country, no matter what. People are sent to fight each other only when those in charge have something to gain from it.

I hope Ukraine can defend itself, and the people on both sides can pull through and the madness stops soon.